Friday, 30 March 2012

Open a New Door

So that's done.

First, Hello !

Let me introduce myself : I'm Johan Dick, Apostrof as nickname, I'm born the 12 october 1992, I'm 19 and my principal passion is draw comics. A little presentation is available in the top left of the blog.

Since 2010, I maintain a french blog, where I was telling stories completely mad, romantic, very weird or simply funny.
In 2012, I decided to open a new blog in english, for the people who don't speak french. My blog becomes international.
My style is very variable. Most of the time, I draw imaginairy things, creatures that have never existed, buildings never built, humans, animals or vegetables never lived.

Anyway, I draw everything.

Ah, and yes : I learned english at school, my level is not perfect but I think I'm not completely lost in the langage.
If I make mistakes, thank you to forgive me and correct me. Everyone makes mistakes.
And sometimes I use Google Traduction.

Thank you to come over here, and have fun ;)

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